Becoming a mother was a bit of a mixed experience for me. I loved my new role in a lot of ways, but at the time I was also plagued with depression and anxiety (generalized anxiety, to be specific). I did my best to raise my babies into little people, but in a state of constant apprehension. Generalized anxiety caused me to worry about all kinds of neat things, big and small, real and imagined, and when my kids came into this world a new fear developed unlike any other… a fear of predators that might harm my precious kin. I worried about them wandering into the creek or the road, or choking, and all the normal things parents worry about, but I also worried in an unnatural way about kidnappers and child molesters. I heard stories about how these kinds of predators could glean all sorts of clues from photos on social media that could help them target children. Imagine you proudly take a photo of Sally or Billy at their first day of school, standing in front of the school and post it online. But now the bad guys know where Billy and Sally go to school!! So I felt very strongly about NOT putting my kids’ pictures on Facebook or any other online social media site. Family and friends understandably thought I was being overprotective, and in retrospect, maybe I was. For a while there, I was afraid to do a lot of things with my kids when I thought of all the terrible things that might happen to them in the process. Then one day, I described these feelings to a friend and she said something to me that I now live by daily.

She said, “What if NOTHING happens to them?” What if they don’t get to experience all the wonderful things in life because I have kept them in a bubble”?

So I eased myself into being a more laid-back mama. I started letting them have sword-fights with sticks, and I let them get completely covered in mud while splashing in puddles and making mud-pie. Then we started to go to new places, and have adventures, and oh the fun we had! I built up momentum, as well as confidence as a mother. I realized that the best way to handle my fears was to do everything in my power to prepare my babies for the big bad world, and then step back and let them fall down once in a while. I’m happy to report that I am now in a much better place psychologically, and that my family and I have all sorts of adventures that I plan to share with you. I was inspired by other mommy bloggers who I could identify with, and I was comforted by the fact that many of them still protect their children’s identities by using nick-names, so I intend to do the same thing. But I realize that in order to really connect with an audience in this manner, I will need to share some of my personal life and allow people to get to know me and my family. So when I set out to start this blog, I had a serious discussion with Hubby about posting pics of our little people. I have deprived close family and friends of seeing pics of my kiddos online, or the freedom to post their own pics of them, but for the first time, I am ready to let them out into the virtual world!!

P1010086_2Introducing my six year-old daughter, who we have lovingly nicknamed ‘Plum’ (other variations include ‘Sugar Plum’, ‘Plum Bum’ and ‘Princess Plum’), and my seven year-old son, who we regularly refer to as ‘The Boy!’ Watch for stories of our adventures, and how these amazing kids have helped me to see the magic in the world!