When I started writing on this blog one year ago, I had a vision that I wanted to share with the world. I had come from a dark place, and I learned to find laughter in the world. There were so many things that helped me come to a better outlook on life, and I wanted to tell people about them, so that others could find their way out of the darkness too. But this year has been a time of deep reflection for me, putting my words on paper and sending them out into the world left me feeling vulnerable. In the process of making sense of my mind, I realized that there were still parts of me that were lost and searching. Maybe there always will be. But something happened to me this year, that I did not plan. Something that has lit a fire under me and which has cemented in my mind what I had resolved to do all along with this writing project. I wanted to bring a light to the world. I wanted to help people find happiness among all the sadness and suffering that exists. I wanted to share strategies that helped me find balance and joy and laughter.

Everything changed

IMG_2855In the spring of this year I began to take better care of myself, and three months in, I shared what that meant to me. Then, over the summer, I stepped back from writing to reflect, to focus on my health, and to provide love and support to my family while they worked through their own struggles. But I was not alone during this time, because I had found the most incredible, loving, and passionate group of people to stand behind me. When I felt lost and alone, they lifted me up. When I became discouraged, they gave me strength and cheered me on. When I wanted to give up, they believed in me until I believed in myself again. A force like that leaves a person changed. I am not exaggerating at all when I tell you that these people have transformed my life forever and I have found life-long friends in them.

I’m back now. I am strong again. And I’m here to tell you about my new mission. This is one that goes hand-in-hand with what I had originally planned with my writing. It will compliment my vision splendidly. The people who have built me up and and fed my soul when I felt alone, they are wellness coaches. It is their job to lift up, inspire, educate, motivate, and build friendships. Every day, they go into the world and tell people they believe in them, and share with them the tools that have helped them to find health and happiness. When the opportunity was presented to me to share the same light in the world, it just made sense. So I joined as a wellness coach too, and it has been the most incredible experience. It opened me up to happiness on a level that I had never imagined.

But suddenly I was filled with guilt and I became conflicted! What about my writing? I still have such a passion for writing, and there is so much more that I want to share! I didn’t want to distract from that, and I was thinking about this new endeavour as a completely separate entity. Until it occurred to me that my blog is about finding happiness and balance. I wanted to help others to feel fulfilled in life, and I found a way to feel more fulfilled than I ever dreamed in the process. Getting on track with my health was the original plan, and I am well on my way. But this is not a story about eating well or exercising. I’ll get to that another time. IMG_3286Today I want to tell you about how being a wellness coach opened me up to personal development, and taught me to feed my soul. Its part of the job description. Seriously. So every day, since I learned of this concept, I have been feeding my soul. I can’t soak it up fast enough! And the possibilities are endless! Not only is there an entire genre of literature on the subject, we also have access to an internet full of inspiration! The world all around us can feed our soul. Writing, stories, movies, music, art… all aimed at finding passion. As a wellness coach, I am encouraged to do the things that fill my soul. So I put my hands in the dirt and garden, I strum on my guitar, I bake, I hug my dogs, and make crafts with my kids. I do the things that bring me joy and I actively seek out the things in life that I am passionate about. If I am going to encourage others to be their best self, then I must first nurture my own self.

Now I understand what I need to do. I need to do exactly what I set out to do in the beginning. I need to share how I came to a happier place in my life. I need to explain how becoming enlightened has helped me to be more resilient against the negative forces, and how feeding my soul keeps depression from eating me alive. There is something I learned in the process of reading self-help books, and thats that sometimes we don’t know how we are going to reach our goals, but that if we keep moving towards them, a way will be found. I found a way to be happy and fulfilled, and that is something I intend to share about moving forward in my writing because I have never been so inspired and this would not have come about without learning about being a wellness coach.

All of this is just to say that I will continue to be the light I wish to see in the world. I’ve just found another amazing way to go about that. I will continue to share pieces of me, and advocate for the things that I feel strongly about. But you will also see me sharing about my wellness journey, and how coaching has become an instrumental part of finding happiness for me.

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