IMG_4540My name is Bonnie, and I was well on my way to completing a bachelor degree at the University of Toronto with a major in Psychology when my life took an unexpected turn. I married the love of my life, had two adorable kids, and now I’m a stay-at-home mom trying to figure out my next step. I feel very blessed when I reflect on my life, but it was definitely a bumpy journey to get to where I am. Battling mental illness and learning to manage Type 1 Diabetes has been a big part of my journey. After figuring out some fun and amazingly simple ways to get through the tough stuff, I decided that it was my mission to share my secrets to living a happy and balanced life. I hope that my stories and struggles will enlighten others to find their happy place, or at the very least make people feel less alone in similar struggles.

Unrestrained Laughter is a place where we seek out happiness and good to combat the darker side of life. It is a place where we pursue our passions, and live life on purpose. You will find a collection of stories about my adventures in life and motherhood, and a journey to health and wellness. I’ve come against some obstacles that were pretty tough to get through, and learning to laugh at myself and smile through the tears was an important coping strategy for me. I’m here to share my stories and the tools that have helped me to thrive, in an effort to help others to keep a happy heart even during dark moments. I plan to share how I have come to face adversity by sometimes laughing when I want to cry, or how smiling sweetly at the assholes is way more fun then flipping the bird!

Becoming a mother has changed my world forever, it has been the single most challenging and rewarding experience of my life. I love being a mom, even the ugly parts, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Since I plan to spend a lot of time talking about my little people, I thought I would help you to get to know them better!

IMG_4176Plum: Ever since she started toddling around, we have called her by the nick-name ‘Plum’ (other variations include, Sugar Plum, Princess Plum, and my personal favourite, Plum-Bum) So far she is not embarrassed by these names, which is great because I plan to call her by them FOREVER! Plum is the sweetest, most loving little thing that ever graced this planet in my (probably slightly biased) opinion. She is renowned by those who know her for her constant smiling face and loving spirit. She is six years old, and is a highly-sensitive soul like her mama. She is everything girly, she loves anything pink and purple and would wear her fancy party dresses every day if I let her. But she is not afraid to roll in the mud or examine bugs with her big brother, and is a fearless and sporty kid… she will try anything once! Her favourite things to do though, would involve arts and crafts, baking with mama, dancing, and singing. She literally does NOT STOP singing from the time she wakes up in the morning to the time she falls asleep! She may have her head in the clouds, but she shines brighter than all the stars in the heavens. I can’t wait to see what kind of impact she will have on this world!

IMG_2019The Boy: Sounds impersonal, I know. But I swear it came from a very loving place. The Boy is what you would call, a ‘spirited child’, which is wonderful and challenging at the same time. When he focuses his energy, amazing things happen that usually involve his hands (building, creating, lego) and his imagination (role-play, storytelling). He is a pretty sensitive kid, but not faint of heart… he keeps pet spiders and loves everything scary or Halloween-related, especially zombies! He is pretty loving and snuggly, which is awesome because he has always been pretty driven towards independence and I cry a little inside when he tries so hard to be a big boy (where did my little baby go?!) The Boy is seven years old now is becoming very conscious of the environment, so learning about the world and all the things that impact it is important to us. He is endlessly curious about all things, and his passion for knowledge is truly inspiring. Both of these kids are pretty outdoorsy and in touch with nature, but especially The Boy. He would be happy for hours in a field with just a couple of sticks and his imagination. This works well for me, because my favourite kind of adventure with them involves getting back in touch with nature.

What Makes Them Special?

IMG_3844I don’t usually like labels, but since both of these kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, I have come to understand their strengths and struggles, and how to help them thrive too. It is an ongoing process, because we face challenges to be sure, but we are here to make our mark on the world, and these kids have something special to offer. So, if ADHD is part of what makes them who they are, then it is part of what makes them special too. You will find stories on this site about how ADHD has impacted our journey and the ways that help us to cope and be our best!